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An ideal present: excitement in wooden boxes

Giving a present is an act that does not only express thoughtfulness or care, but also says a lot about us. There are functional presents and there are gifts that not only have a role but which transmit emotions too. Handmade wooden boxes, with a unique design, belong to this category.

wooden boxes 1  wooden boxes 3

Wood is a material that connects to nature and transmits strength, resistance and magnificence. Wood talks to us about the passage of time, and its veins or details seem to tell stories.

wooden boxes 6  wooden boxes 4

Obviously, when selecting a present, we take into account the personality of the person who receives it, as well as the occasion for the present. One way to give a personal touch to that wooden box is to place inside an additional item which has a meaning for the person: a special dedication, a poem, those favorite candies, a selection of teas or coffees.

wooden boxes 5  wooden boxes 2

For a greater surprise, a lovely wooden box can reveal the keys of that new vehicle or even that beautiful engagement ring!

wooden boxes 7