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The perfect gift idea for the woman in your life, from your BFF to your mom!

Sometimes when looking for a gift for your best friend, daughter, mom, aunt, niece… You name it! You may get a little lost and run out of ideas, but there’s always an option that can be unique and also easy to pick!

We’re thinking jewelry; not gold and diamonds (hey, if you can afford it, go crazy! And P.S. We want to be your friends), but leather. And you might me thinking, “Leather? That doesn’t sound too nice”, but bear with us…

It’s not like we’re suggesting you find an old leather skirt that no longer fits you and cut it up into bracelets, no. We are talking about beautiful accessories, handmade with love in Latin America.

The great thing about this is that, not only are they beautiful and fashionable, but they are also a great way to support Latin American artisans.

For example, if you’re looking for something to give to a young girl, like a daughter or niece, these bracelet sets are perfect!

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But if you’re looking for a more sophisticated gift, then we recommend these other bracelets, made of leather, golden chain and dyed horse hair! They are absolutely unique, and also give off a kind of luxurious Queen of the Nile vibe…


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On the other hand, if you are looking for something fit for a fashionista, then you’ll have to find an accessory that makes a statement, and we think something like a raffia and leather choker can do the trick.

Nativo Crafts - Handcrafted golden and silvery raffia choker. Unique, elegant and exotic. 0,78 in in x 14,1 in. GP0008a_4 (Medium)

It’s absolutely beautiful, and we guarantee you, there aren’t many people that will be wearing something like that.

So there you have it, an easy way to find an ideal and one-of-a-kind gift for every woman in your life, while supporting Latin American artisan communities at the same time. Which accessory was your favorite? And what other gift ideas do you have now that the holiday season is approaching? Comment below!