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How to design a gallery wall in 5 easy steps

When it comes to decorating a space there are some elements you have to consider first, such as the style, lighting, furniture, and accessories. And then you have the walls, a beautiful canvas not just to hang a few pictures, but a surface to create your very own gallery wall with a set of family photos, paintings, vintage posters, framed stamps or clippings. What do you need? Only a bit of time and creativity.

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Study and select

Before you do anything take a look around your home. Walk from the front door and study where the windows, columns and other structures are. By doing this, you will find the wall that can transform itself into the focal point of the room. It could be long or standard but the one wall that you look at first, that’s the natural choice for your gallery wall; of course, this varies if it’s a bedroom, a studio, the kitchen of a living room.

White vs. Color

The next step is to decide the color of the wall. Interior designers and architects tend to favor white because it captures light and it doesn’t compete with the colors of the drawings.

If you want to paint them a different color, then choose a rich yet neutral tone –like blue or gray– or an earthy orange or yellow if you’re feeling bold. Just be more careful with the rest of the objects on the wall later.



Wood, acrylic, resin and even a really solid cardboard are some of the most popular materials to frame pictures. In a professional store you will find dozens with different finishes and textures.

Another way to design a home décor project like this one is to use traditional picture frames in several sizes (without their bases). For a more distinctive aesthetic, combine flat colored frames with some handcrafted ones with stripes. These are perfect for modular exhibitions of small items.

Via laurauinteriordesign.com

Via laurauinteriordesign.com

A symmetric collage

The idea of a gallery wall is to create a unique composition based on some of your favorite pieces. Postal cards, printed quotes from a book, a series of watercolors or artsy covers can inspire a themed wall. For a more eclectic style, try a collage. The trick is to find symmetry, whether you go for horizontal or vertical.

Additional tips

And last, but not least, here are some more tips I recommend to make everything easier:

  • Paper templates are super helpful to do a test. Hang and move them around until you are sure of the final design.
Via girlintheredshoes.com

Via girlintheredshoes.com

  • A measuring tape is the best tool to ensure that every piece is hanged with the proper space between each other (the ideal spacing will vary depending on the dimensions of your house, the size of the wall you’re doing the gallery wall on and the frames you choose).
  • Invite your kids, sister, husband or wife to participate and have fun!