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Thanksgiving in a Hispanic home: these tweets show what it’s like

The hashtag #ThanksgivingWithHispanics had us laughing so hard on Twitter this Thanksgiving day that we had to share some of the tweets with you!

Because being thankful is not all that Hispanics do on Thanksgiving. There’s a LOT of food and a whole lot of awkward questions… Oh wait, we guess everyone’s Thanksgiving is pretty much like that! Check them out and comment below so we know how Thanksgiving goes in your house.

1. Gigantic families

2. When they ask about the boyfriend and you go: Which one?


3. Leftovers that last for days and days:


4. Again with the boyfriend/girlfriend:


5. There’s always that one relative that wants to know what are you going to do with your life, and you have no idea so…


6. Please abuelita, no more food!


7. Cleaning the whole house in tears like…


8. Oh yeah, again with the boyfriend/girlfriend question:


9. I’ll get back at you, you little gremlins:

10. You know that any gathering can turn into a full on party:

11. You better have some snacks ready, ’cause lunch (we mean, dinner) is going to be late:


12. There’s pork, not turkey (and you love it!):

But all those things are the ones that make us love our families in the end, just as they are… Hispanic, Latino, All-American or from any other part of the world! So take a step back and enjoy the craziness. Remember, if your family is around, that’s one of the most important things you should be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!