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Surviving the holiday season’s family reunions

The holiday season is usually the busiest of the year, especially if you have a large family with different ages, tastes, beliefs and separated by distance. What should be a spiritual encounter, of reflection and even gratitude, can sometimes turn into a real nightmare.

holiday season stress

But we shouldn’t have to wait for a special time of the year to remember and enjoy the really important things in life. When we postpone these family reunions until the holiday season arrives, we become anxious about those encounters and that might be the reason for arguments with our relatives and loved ones.

Life itself is what matters. Our family and loved ones are the treasure that will comfort us and that will remind us why we work every day. We cannot expect to cram into a couple of weeks (sometimes days) all the traditions, moments and gifts that we should bear in mind every day.

Don’t let this holiday season be “just one of many”; invite your family and friends to live in the moment in a different way, one in which they can truly receive the most valuable of all gifts: sharing with the people they love.

holiday season

Perhaps just a simple dinner, spending quality time with the little ones, or reconnecting with that person that you argued with, but can’t even remember what about!

Maybe you might dedicate a day as a volunteer helping the homeless or low-income families. You might take the chance and do something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t dared to do. It doesn’t have to be something great, just something important for you that will allow you to share with your family.

holiday season family holiday season family

May this be a special season for you. You don’t have to “endure” it by repeating the routine. This time around, break away from stress and make it a moment for rediscovery and reconnection with your loved ones, and the life that you want to live.