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Wood, always in trend for home decor

Among all materials –old and new– wood remains one of the most popular in the world for home decor. Everyday objects, different forms of art and even modern skyscrapers prove just how versatile and innovative wood is. Solid and rich, it elevates the potential of any space with its natural appeal, its wide range of colors and subtle warmness. This is why it’s an ideal material to use in home decor.

The lumber effect

Whether you prefer a minimalist, contemporary or eclectic home decor, wooden furniture, sculpture or objects are always a good option to begin with. Choose a heavy dark oak dining table, a walnut bed, teak shelves or cherry wood kitchen cabinets and you will see how the entire room flips from plain to plush instantly.

sculpture wood home decor

Treated woods, such as cedar or pine, can take the shape of unique stools and benches for a patio area. Due to their resistance, these pieces adapt very well to sun, rain and temperature changes outdoors.

Wood can also be sustainable, and the perfect example is bamboo, a current trend in home decor. If you are planning an eco-friendly project at home, then installing new flooring or closet doors might be the starting point!

Colors and textures in home decor

It is difficult to describe wood just as “brown”. This noble material tends to go from nearly white to the very darkest of greens, with yellow, red, orange and golden hues visible in the streaks that mark each type of tree naturally. This gives you an impressive number of choices that multiply according to the finishes. Raw, polished, aged or lacquered finishes can make wood not only look but feel different.     

To create a light and welcoming ambiance, pick wooden items and combine them with stone, ceramics, glass, metal, knitted fabrics or Formica surfaces.

For instance: display a collection of family photos in handcrafted picture frames on top of narrow tables or cabinets in your living room, or side tables in your bedroom.

home decor picture frames

Another idea is to use assorted trays in the kitchen as well as exotic stripes or polka-dot boxes as accessories for your desk. These artsy little units are functional too. Perfect to keep the keys and phone charger at hand!              

home decor wooden boxes

Style tips:

  • To avoid saturation in small spaces always add a pop of white. Also, select ultra polished wood pieces to reflect the light.
  • Vintage markets and carpenter shops are two places where you can  find treasures like framed mirrors, toys or credenzas to storage vinyl records or similar items.  
  • Remember to varnish all wooden objects every six months to a year. By doing this, you will keep bugs away as well as maintaining the glossy coat.  

Did you know?

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) is a design program focused on developing products –including wood ones– made with non-toxic components that, once used, can decompose without affecting ecology.

Next time you are shopping for wooden pieces for your home decor, take advantage of this time and let your children tag along so they can learn about the artisanal quality of many items and how to preserve them!