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10 tips to nourish a relationship after the birth of a child

These are a few tips for emotionally healthy couples, that have conscientiously given birth to their first child, seeking to provide their newborn with a beautifully solid relationship built on stability.

No matter how well prepared they might be, couples usually undergo a setback from the very moment the child is conceived due to a continuum of surprises. They were just two people that watched, pleased, listened to each other in a relationship… And then there were three.

That third party, while highly expected and wanted, is totally defenseless during its firsts years of life. This disrupts the couple’s relationship, overwhelmed by the unstoppable events that involve meeting the baby’s demands. There’s no time for each other, just the rush to answer to the needs of their new unavoidable reality.

So how can a couple nourish their relationship before and after the arrival of their first baby?


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Here are ten simple tips to nourish a relationship after the birth of a child:

  1. Be calm. Reassure each other with the fact that there are thousands of couples around the world giving birth to their first baby and going through the same things.
  2. Keep in mind and understand that a woman’s hormonal levels change sharply after childbirth, experiencing emotional mood swings or the “Baby Blues”. A woman might feel happy one minute and tearful or overwhelmed the next. It’s not her fault, so if you are her partner be understanding. If it’s you, cut yourself some slack.
  3. Remember you’re a closely knit team, work arm in arm.
  4. Share duties, take turns, make each day a joyful event.
  5. Rather than complain, face your couple’s mistakes with lightness and good humor. Laugh but never debase.
  6. Always consider this as a new experience. It doesn’t matter how many books you’ve read or how many workshops you’ve attended: you are learning together. Make this an adventure, like crossing an amazing forest while holding hands.
  7. You will both be tired, however, the least tired of the two can care for the other. Caresses, hugs, offering a juice, a chocolate, or a breakfast in bed are simple details that can make all the difference.
  8. Embrace each other every time you can.
  9. When the baby sleeps, take a few minutes to talk. Acknowledge the milestones you’ve accomplished, share the stories of the day and the things discovered within yourselves when facing those situations.
  10. Listening to music helps create a special atmosphere at the right moments. Relax, hold each other and caress one another. Turn this into a pleasurable encounter.

Nurturing your relationship starts with trusting yourself and each other, always being conscious that a positive attitude contributes in strengthening the love between a couple and toward a new child.