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Start the year with a blessing

Take a blessing everywhere you go with these leather bracelets, engraved with the words for “Hail Mary” in Spanish:

They are made by Venezuelan artisan and jewelry designer Gaby Pons, and come in green, caramel, and blue.

 blessing Handcrafted-leather-bracelet-with-engraved-Hail-Mary-in-Spanish-blue blessing Handcrafted-leather-bracelet-with-engraved-ail-Mary-in-Spanish-green  blessing Handcrafted-leather-bracelet-with-engraved-ail-Mary-in-Spanish-caramel

We really love how their double strands of authentic leather wrap around your wrist.

blessing IMG_2951

They have silver or golden non-magnetic clasps, so you can wear them near a computer or any sensitive electronic device without worry.


Feelings, thoughts, words… They all have an impact on our lives. Words are a powerful force, so choose them wisely… Why not go for the positive ones!

And what can be more positive than a prayer or a blessing?

These leather bracelets have a laser engraved “Ave María” (Hail Mary) prayer, so you feel blessed and protected all the time.

blessing Handcrafted-leather-bracelet-with-engraved-ail-Mary-in-Spanish-GP0001a-3-NativoCrafts-1024x683


They are made of authentic leather and dyed to obtain earthy colors that go well with any style.

    • Their clasps are feminine and secure.
    • Total length = 13.5 inches, Width = 0.4 inches
    • Handcrafted in Latin America.



These bracelets are simple and delicate, and their beautiful engraved prayer will be a blessing to that someone you care for.