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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Take the stress out of Valentine’s Day shopping with these unique finds! 

The Valentine’s Day present purchase can be a tense experience: you want to give a great gift, but sometimes getting creative means you miss the mark. An ill-suited gift to your girlfriend or wife could result in a night of hot tears instead of hot passion, and you don’t want that, right?

However, why play it safe and stick to the time-honoured love triangle of chocolates, flowers and booze? Go the extra mile and give a thoughtful, handmade present that is both unique and beautiful!

Here are some ideas so you can gift artisan jewelry made in Latin America with semi precious stones and outstanding craftsmanship!

Pearls for Valentine’s Day

The symbolism of pearls is wide. They are linked to wisdom and the spiritual world, and records dating back thousands of years confirm that they represented innocence and purity. Some cultures link pearls to the magical power of the moon and, for others, pearls were created when a rainbow met the earth after a storm; their imperfections a result of thunder and lightning.

Bring all that enchanting meaning to any gift you give with these lovely options:

valentine's day valentine's day valentine's day

Love and friendship

Valentine’s Day isn’t only about romantic couples, but about love itself! And what better kind of love than friendship.

We all have a special someone who has shared memorable moments in good times and bad times with us. Whether it’s a sibling, your bae or your spouse, this delicate gift will send a big message in a simple way.

You can choose the one you like best: only pearls, pearls and coral beads, pearls and amethyst beads, or pearls and turquoise beads.

Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day

Joy and color

Colorful jewelry to bring joy to the colder winter days is a wonderful option for Valentine’s Day. Choose handmade designs with semi-precious stones, macrame, flowers or leather tassels and you’ll make your beloved weak in the knees.

Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day

What more could you ask for? These unique handmade & heartmade gift ideas will make you shine on Valentine’s Day and celebrate love as it should be: with beautiful things!