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Give your terrace a little makeover

At ground level or on the roof, terraces are open areas where you can enjoy being outside without leaving your house. However, you don’t have to spend countless hours immersed in construction dust –or go broke– to do a full remodel. Here are some ideas to design an amazing looking terrace just in time for summer!

Home garden


Via reynoldsgardenshop.com

To all those landscaping fans, the terrace is the perfect spot to create a beautiful at-home garden. Make a statement by installing a false wall made of wooden pallets; afterward, choose a combination of geraniums, daylilies, china pinks or pansies to hang with the help of small iron hooks. Select the same terracotta pots to plant the flowers; they give a certain rustic yet modern vibe.

If you prefer greenery, then go full scale a vertical garden. In front of this structure, place either a small table –along with a pair of stools–, a lounge or a rocking chair. There you will be able to relax on the weekends while reading the newspaper, or just look upon the clear sky every night.

A style tip: Add some texture with knitted tapestries, floor cushions in bright fabrics or a hand-loomed coverlet that you can drape over the chairs as a decorative throw and hide under it when it chillier.

Tropical retreat


Via Pinterest

For a medium or large terrace with panoramic views, you can go with a tropical aesthetic. Beside green leaves and flamingos, there are many other elements you can use, such as candy-colored umbrellas or a canopy with a fun shape on the sunniest area… Also, a cotton handwoven hammock is a win for both grownups and kids.

Narrow side tables work incredibly well as buffet stations as well as home bars, especially if you like to entertain. Bring the essence of Latin America to your terrace with accent pieces, like exotic placemats with a fruit motif, a beautiful hand-painted lazy-Susan to serve snacks or a hand-painted wooden trivet with a vibrant sun design. Complete your terrace restyling with a few tiki torches to light at sunset. The simplest –and safest– way to set them up is every 3 to 5 meters, depending on the occasion and number of people in the space.               

Get inspired by nature and turn your terrace into one of the most inviting spaces in your home this season!

More terrace décor tips:

  • Furniture distribution is even more important in terraces. Pick sofas, benches or tables in geometric shapes or with straight lines. If not, they will block your way and make your space look crowded.
  • If the terrace faces another room, a light curtain or bamboo blinds are easy solutions to shield the inside from the sun.       
  • Working with carpenters and local artisans will allow you to keep these kinds of projects under budget.