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National Chocolate Day

National Chocolate Day is a day we take very seriously! Well, maybe not seriously but we definitely like to celebrate it. After all, some of the best cocoa comes from Latin America, just like our beautiful crafts.

So in the spirit of this important day in the Nativo Crafts calendar, here are all our recipes with chocolate. Now you can observe this national holiday with these original treats.

Brigadeiros: Brazil’s gift to the world on National Chocolate Day

Let’s start off with brigadeiros, sweet chocolate balls covered in any topping of your choice! Come on, who doesn’t like that?

national chocolate day brigadeiros

Molten chocolate cake that melts your heart

If you prefer something more elaborate, try these molten chocolate hearts. Serve them warm with a scoop of ice cream and your day will become automatically better.

national chocolate day molten chocolate heart

Chocolate covered donuts

You can always trust in donuts to make you happy. And if they are covered in chocolate, even better! Try this recipe that packs a punch.

national chocolate day donuts

It doesn’t matter in what shape or form you eat it, chocolate always makes things better. So go ahead and celebrate, bet it alone or with a friend. After all, there’s only one life and there’s only one chance to live it. Fill it with chocolate and make it great!

Happy National Chocolate Day!