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5 things with Latin flavor to do this fall

The best season of the year has arrived. Enjoy the weather and harvests with our list of things with Latin flavor to do this fall!     

The sun still shines with golden rays, but the leaves have already started to change. Yes, fall is undoubtedly here! This season is exceptional for planning things with Latin flavor to entertain your family and friends. Celebrate nature’s beauty, as well as the continent’s diversity with any of these activities.

Move to new rhythms

dance things with latin flavor

One of the biggest 90’s Latin musical hits was a song by Gloria Estefan that says “turn the beat around”; and autumn is the perfect time to do so. Sign up for salsa, merengue, bachata, kizomba or even tango lessons and learn how to dance along these beats.

A style tip. Remember to dress accordingly, with flowy-midi dresses or skirts. Choose some hand dyed macramé bracelets with tassel charms as accessories.

Wine tasting

wine things with latin flavor

Another thing with Latin flavor you can plan this fall is an outdoor wine tasting. Try to have a selection of both red and white bottles from Argentina and Chile, the top producers in the Latin America region.

Additionally, it is also important to have appetizers or snacks. Divide the cheeses, cold cuts, dips, assorted bread, and sweets –especially chocolate or berries– in handmade wooden servers with real dried flowers and petals or handmade bowls in stained wood to heighten the autumn vibes.


mercadillo things with latin flavor

From Mexico to Venezuela, Peru or Brazil, visiting local mercadillos over the weekend is one of the many things with Latin flavor you can mark on your calendar. Like the popular farmer’s markets, in these places you can find watercolor paintings, books, music albums, handcrafts or really colorful decorative pieces. Get lost in the maze of stalls and sample spices and dishes.

Themed parties


If you think confetti is just for kids, you might want to think twice… Organize your own fiesta! Take advantage of fall weather and invite your closest friends to a Latin-inspired soirée. The décor must be festive, so hang papeles picados –no more than multi-colored papers– as garlands. Use crocheted dolls or tapara fruits as centerpieces on the tables… And do not forget a piñata!   

Picnic hikes

picnic things with latin flavor

Although many people prefer to get out of the city during summer, fall trips can be amazing as well, because of the mild weather and breathtaking foliage. Grab your camera and put on your sneakers to walk through parks or hike to a canyon any morning or afternoon.

However, to enjoy it as one of the things with Latin flavor in your schedule, finish the route with a picnic. Pick a hand-loomed coverlet to place everything on the grass. If you’re feeling fancy, add a set of placemats with hibiscus designs, and store it all in a couple of versatile palm leaf totes.

What other things with Latin flavor will you be doing this fall?

Let us know in the comments and make this season your best one yet!