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5 reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day

For some, Valentine’s Day has become a commercial date, specially designed for making you spend more money, but you don’t have to buy anything to celebrate this day. After all, it’s all about love…

Some time ago, while perusing through my social media timelines, I ran across a powerful quote for which, sadly, I couldn’t find the author. It read: “Broken hearts heal. Guarded hearts turn to stone”.

This phrase got me thinking about love, and that’s why today I’m giving you five reasons to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day.

Strengthen your connection with your emotions

Recent neuroscientific studies show there’s a strong connection between emotion and thought. The better your connection with your emotions, the more you can positively influence your way of thinking.


It’s a great excuse to show someone you love them

Sometimes we assume that the people we love simply know it and that’s why we never show it. What better excuse than Valentine’s Day to show your heartfelt affection to that special someone, a friend or family member, or even to yourself.


You don’t have to spend lots of money

Love is intangible and though it can materialize in many different ways, its essence can also manifest itself in the littlest details that mean the world to the person we love. Use this opportunity to get creative! Forget the usual presents and think about what that person really and truly loves.

A poem that’s written by your own hand, inside a charming wooden box, or maybe something simple as watching their favorite movie together, or just doing something that’s completely different and breaks the routine. And hey, love isn’t necessarily about another person. You can take Valentine’s Day to do something that’s meaningful to you.


Celebrate everything that deserves to be celebrated

Daily life is usually full of routine, so any excuse (like Valentine’s Day) should be good enough. Take this day to celebrate, to share and to connect with the good things in life.

Valentine's Day

Love on Valentine’s Day!

Apart from life itself, I don’t know about anything that’s more worth celebrating than love. Love is not only found in romantic relationships; love can be found in all kinds of relationships we have in our life, and in the way we live life itself.

So I encourage you to, yes, celebrate Valentine’s Day! And make it about strengthening your capacity to love… Enjoy it!