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Yes, We Can Do It! 5 Tips to Assemble an Eclectic Décor

People usually have a wide variety of tastes. Our experience makes us expand our knowledge and pleasure on music, objects, colors and styles. To top it off, we have all the memories and sensations that give meaning to our lives.

Eclectic décor is a perfect reflection of that range of tastes. In this type of decoration objects from different periods and styles, blend to create a unique and very personal atmosphere.

Although it may seem that only an interior designer can assemble a decoration like this, at Nativo Crafts we dare you to try it with these 5 tips:

1Select the part of the house you’re going to decorate and gather 5 objects that represent your taste or the tastes of people who use this space.

2Add some vintage objects. If you don’t have any at home, you can look around in a flea market or an antique shop. You can even check around at your mom’s or aunt’s home. Perhaps they keep an interesting piece and might want to give it to you as a gift.

3Once you’ve gathered all together, make sure the chosen objects relate to each other, either in harmony or in contrast. This is the most difficult and crucial phase. You can look for harmony in similar or contrasting color shades or by combining color families. Using various textures is ideal to add volume to the décor. To avoid weariness or saturation be careful not to overload the look.

4If you feel something is missing, to round up or give personality to the décor, check in department stores or in specialized concept shops – ethnic, minimalist and avant-garde. You should always keep in mind the picture of the space you want to decorate when you go shopping, this can help with your budget.

5Finally, do not leave functionality aside. There’s no point in making the chosen space look like a museum or a shop and to lose its original meaning.

Don’t you know what to choose?

Here are a few ideas: a glass object; a book; a painting, a photography or silk-screen print; a carving or wood box; a cushion or blanket.

To give it a Nativo touch

Blend contemporary or minimalist décor with ethnic Latin American details. These picture frames are perfect for that purpose: