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A tropical table setting for summer

Summer is here! It’s the season for enjoying the heat of the tropical sun and take trips to the lake or the beach. Let all the fun and the color invade your life and your home. Find inspiration in nature, relax, be informal and take a trip “under the sea”.

Take your seat at the tropical table

What better way to celebrate the new season than gather all family members to enjoy a delicious brunch? Besides daring to prepare Ceviche or Shrimp based dishes, take the time to embellish the table.

It doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot of effort. Just pick the right details to achieve a fresh and fun look. Combine eco-friendly handmade wooden fish placemats with solid plates and glasses. Mix with fruits and exotic flowers. Bright colors are your best friends for the season.

Our original and exuberant hand painted fish placemats and coaster will steal everybody’s attention.


A colorful experience

Although this year’s Pantone palette is focused on less bright colors, the tropical decor is never outdated. Color brings happiness and a feeling of energy and enthusiasm. Awaken your senses and connect with nature with this hand painted crafts.

Set a different table and entertain your family and friends like summer demands. Use colors to your advantage to offer a delight experience: orange is the “social” color, a reminder of balance and reassurance; and red is ideal to boost the appetite.