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Costume Ideas for Halloween

One of the most awaited festivities of the year is fast approaching: Halloween! This year you can shine on that day and show your most creative and fun side. To help you be the star, we’re sharing these five costume ideas for you to try this Halloween.

Frida Kahlo

This Halloween costume is ideal to bring out your most bohemian side. If you enjoy art, you’ll surely know that Frida was one of the most important Mexican painters in the world, with a unique personality and fashion sense that became her personal seal. A good Frida costume must have a long skirt, a colorful Huipil-inspired blouse, lots and lots of flowers in the hair, gathered in braids at the top of the head, while her characteristic eyebrows can be mimicked with makeup. There are several tutorials on YouTube that explain how to achieve this look.


Carmen Miranda

This Brazilian-Portuguese singer and actress became famous in Brazil, then in Latin America, and finally became the Latin icon of Hollywood in the forties. She was so popular that she was the highest paid entertainer in the United States at one point, and was the first Latina artist to have a star in the Walk of Fame. But what we love most about her legacy is that she opened the doors for Brazilian music and the beauty of Latin culture in the world. What stands out the most in her exotic look (and what you should try to emulate for your Halloween costume) is her iconic fruit hat, that became her personal mark. But she also complemented her outfits with platform shoes, lots of jewelry and a bold red lip.


Ugly Betty

The first time the Ugly Betty character appeared on the screen was in a Colombian telenovela that started airing in 1999.  Since then, Betty has become a hit in Latin American television, giving way to new versions, including Ugly Betty, the American series starred by América Ferrera. And even when several actresses have embodied Betty, there are certain traits that make her unique, and that you can imitate for your Halloween costume: her vintage way of dressing, her frumpy hair, her glasses and, of course, her braces.


The Catrina

The image of “La Catrina” corresponds with a 1913 metal engraving by Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada. Later, muralist Diego Rivera (Frida Kahlo’s husband) included this character in his mural called “Sueño de una tarde dominical en La Alameda Central”. It was actually Rivera who named her “Catrina”, and from then on she became a popular Mexican figure used to represent death. In 2014, the Catrina was one of the characters in the animated film “The Book of Life”, where she has similar characteristics as in the original engraving: a female skull, with a feathered hat. The Catrina is a perfect Halloween costume for those who are good with makeup and want to show all their creativity!


The Chilindrina

Several Latin American generations grew up watching “El Chavo del 8”, a children’s Mexican television series whose plot took place in a small neighborhood. One of the most popular characters was “La Chilindrina”, a girl that not only stood out because of her antics, but also for her very particular way of crying. Her freckles, green dress, uneven pigtails, red sweater and glasses where her trademarks; so if you want to remember your childhood, or bring out your naive side, this is the Halloween costume for you.


Which other Latin inspired character would you like to dress up as this Halloween? Remember to share your costume with us through social media if you decide to be one of these five ladies on the spookiest night of the year!