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Thanksgiving decorations to try at home

Holiday season is about to begin. Greet your guests with more than just a hearty meal on Turkey Day! Try these festive Thanksgiving decorations.

There is a date that’s meaningful and much anticipated by kids and grownups alike: Thanksgiving! Since you can never start with the preparations early enough –especially if you have a big family or a large group of friends–, we have rounded up some décor ideas that combine tradition and on-going trends for you to celebrate in the most stylish yet cozy way. Continue reading and get crafty!


It would be a lie to say that the main focus on Thanksgiving is not food; so take this fact as the proper excuse to design one of a kind table settings worthy of numerous Instagram posts.


  • Ombre effect: This trend has become a top favorite lately because it’s easy to adapt to any style, whether modern, rustic or vintage. After selecting your color palette, make sure to play with different shades of it. For example, white, soft yellow, orange, and bronze; also creams, red and metallics. The idea is to make a progression that starts with the lightest tones and ends up with darker ones across the table. Play with elements like flowers, linen, and glassware to achieve this effect.  
  • Traditional theme: Fall is the pumpkin season and, of course, it’s a popular motive in all sorts of Thanksgiving decorations. Besides picking a bunch from your local patches or farmers market –for the porch, entryway or kitchen counter–, you can create a visual statement piece by using handmade wooden placemats along with hand painted napkin rings with pumpkin designs in green and orange. To maintain the color balance, choose a neutral tablecloth and crystal cups.


Autumn foliage

Garlands, wreaths, and centerpieces are another type of Thanksgiving decorations you can make at home. Simply walk around your neighborhood and collect a couple baskets of leaves, flowers, dry branches or twigs. Arrange them in a basket, weave them into a garland or make a wreath and then add unexpected touches like berries, fruits or scented spices like cinnamon sticks and star anise. Hang them on the front door, fireplace mantle or on the backs of chairs with pins or the ever practical double tape.

thanksgiving decorations

Style tip: If you do not want to carry a basket, change it for a palm leaf tote.       


This ancient symbol of abundance has been associated with harvest season for more than four centuries in America. That’s why it’s part of Thanksgiving decorations everywhere.

Want to do your very own “Horn of Plenty” but don’t want to spend money on a wicker horn you’ll only use once a year? Use a handmade bowl with real dried petals and flowers, tilt it a bit and fill it with little pumpkins, corn cobs, apples, sweet biscuits, walnuts, pine cones and your favorite fruits. When it’s time to carve the turkey, put it on a side table so anybody who is still hungry can grab a bite afterward.

thanksgiving decorations

More tips for your Thanksgiving decorations:

  • Draw all the seating cards and menus with fun templates. To make it unique, write your guests’ names by hand.
  • Arrange candles in a mismatched display –near windows and corners– to create a more soothing ambiance.
thanksgiving decorations

Photo by Rustique Art.

Give thanks for all the good things you received –plus the harsh lessons you learned too– over the past year.