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Why being thankful leads to a better life

Being thankful is the base of a good attitude towards life. Here’s why…

Much has been said about the importance of having a good attitude as part of the “formula” for a happy life. Maybe we can all agree on this: a good attitude is being positive, finding the good things in every situation and, because of that, staying motivated.

But having a good attitude requires a solid base, just like a great building needs a good foundation to stay up. And the base of a great attitude is being thankful.


We all don’t have to be grateful for the same things or situations, and identifying what we should be thankful for is an individual responsibility. And this responsibility is tightly bound to our values and upbringing. All those things that we learned at an early age, and have been molding ever since with our own personal life experience, are the pillars of our attitude.

Being thankful, the first step to a better life

Learning to be thankful and counting your blessings is the biggest step one can take to lead a more fulfilling and positive life. It allows you to find the motivation that drives you to conquer new challenges, and it can also help you overcome the tougher times.

Being grateful is, also, a decision. Thankfulness is something we can learn about, and as we know more of it, we can put it into practice in order to strengthen it and to start looking at all the good that is in your life.


Make it happen

Now take a slow, deep breath… This may seem a little silly for some people, but conscious breathing reminds you that you are alive, which is a very important thing that you can be grateful for.

After a few deep breaths, I invite you to create your own list of thanks. Direct your attention to all the things you DO have, to the abilities you DO possess, those loved ones you CAN count on, the dreams you HAVE fulfilled, and everything else you feel you can be thankful for.

Being thankful makes you feel energized while complaining drains you out. Now that you know this, it’s time you choose how you want to live your life.


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