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Christmas decor ideas with a crafty touch

Bring the season’s joy into your home with these Christmas decor ideas that combine the latest trends with artisanal touches.

All over the world, Christmas is celebrated according to millenary traditions. However, it is all right if you want to skip the ever-present Santa face or the Snowman’s silhouette or something else this year!


The secret to personalize your house during the festivities is to use simple yet stunning details. By doing so, you will change the traditional look but maintain a warm atmosphere at the same time. Here are some Christmas decor trendy references to inspire you:

Baroque Christmas decor

This European style, which originated in the late 16th Century, is clearly associated with luxury and heavily adorned pieces. This aesthetic is taking the lead in interior design now, especially for the holidays. Gold and bronze dominate the color scheme, as well as rich materials like polished metals, silk, and velvet.


To adapt this trend to your home, select big trimmings to adorn the foliage of the Christmas tree and wreath. Another idea is to create a centerpiece with a medium-sized mirror, fresh pine branches, pinecones and a few handmade calabash shell fruits in bright colors to add some joy.

Remember: balance is everything. Therefore, design experts recommend working around three focal points –for example, coffee table, doors, and the tree area– to avoid cluttering the entire space with decorations.               

Northern vibes

For small apartments, one-story condos, and offices, a Scandinavian Christmas decor is ideal. White, silver, glass and touches of wood prevail, although lights cannot be forgotten!

First, hang a variety of balls, icicles, and snowflakes on the tree; then, add some large paper stars –in odd numbers– on background walls or flat on side tables. A couple rustic stoneware tea light candle holders combined with a little blackboard –where you can write messages with chalk– make a modern vignette to decorate the entryway and welcome family and friends.

A style tip: Festive green hand-loomed placemats are perfect to brighten the dinner table. Mix them up with crystal cups and silverware and you will have a minimal-chic Christmas decor.     

Colorful motives

When it comes to Christmas decor, there is a need for statement figures and bright accessories if you have young children. Let them feel the merry spirit of the season by placing jolly nutcrackers on different surfaces, a collection of shiny snow globes or felt garlands with original figures. At the kitchen, a set of calabash shell fruits will capture light and the kid’s attention.  

Beside the classic stockings, deck the halls, bedrooms, and stairs with DIY ribbon ornaments. These are simple enough to make: just tie some ribbons or long fabric strips to a string to create a garland. Play with the Christmas color scheme of your choice.  

Moving the furniture around is another trick that helps if you want to breathe new life into your home for Christmas. Keep in mind that you don’t have to put everything back until New Year’s.

Extra tips:

  • For the most romantic, mistletoe is a must in any Christmas decor!
  • Dress the windows with tiny twinkle lights.
  • If you have boxes of ornaments that need an update, spray-paint them with glitter or sprinkle them with fake snow.

Merry Christmas everyone!