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Tips for a rustic-chic Christmas décor

The Holiday season has officially begun! That means it’s time to pick a tree, buy presents for the family and change a bit (or a lot) the look of your home. Why not a rustic-chic décor?

Although red and green are the traditional hues, why not go with neutrals, textures and a hint of metallic this year? If you want to try something different, here are some ideas to decorate according to the very popular rustic-chic trend:

Natural vibes

The key to achieving this particular style is to use raw materials like wood –especially pine and birch–, cork, soft fabrics (like organic cotton or cashmere) and accents made of glass or unpolished metals.

rustic-chic christmas

To create a country-yet-classy décor, you can choose trimmings such as pinecones, ribbons, miniature figures, jingle bells or even little wild twigs and hang them on the tree, or add them to the garland or the Christmas wreath that goes on the front door.

White or beige yarn threads will give a nice contrast against the greenery, and will also create a more distinctive look. You can even incorporate this into your table setting with hand-loomed placemats that go with the whole rustic-chic vibe!


Rustic-chic centerpieces

One of the best things about the Holidays is that you get to see and share beautiful moments with your loved ones, either by the dinner table –as we Latinos often do–, the kitchen or the living room. For a rustic-chic ornament, combine a set of wood or stoneware trays and bowls with fruits, pinecones, and green branches, and place them in the middle of the table.

rustic-chic christmas

Metallic jars and flat wooden vases with Christmas ornaments like balls or fresh flowers are also great centerpiece ideas. This could be a theme if you repeat it with smaller arrangements on side tables, shelves or on the chimney mantlepiece.

Additional tips

  • Textiles are another way to follow this rustic-chic style. Delicate throws, hand loomed table runners or just cushions in neutral colors will enrich any room.
  • Nothing says “rustic-chic” more than boxes and baskets with a washed effect. A medium size one would be perfect to display all the gifts on Christmas day.
  • Besides the lights on the windows and on your tree, do not forget the candles! They give a precious glow that makes everything shine in the most elegant way. Silver and bronze candlesticks are a sure option, or to amp up the rustic-chic vibe, you can also choose some stoneware lanterns with stars.

rustic-chic christmas

Don’t forget to invite your children to lend a hand and most importantly… Have a wonderful time decorating!