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Flowers in the house: Brighten your day, lighten your mood this New Year

Having flowers in the house is always a nice thing. They bring life and color to any space… What’s even better: research has shown that plants contribute to people’s wellbeing.


One study even confirmed what visitors to sick people know intuitively: patients in hospital rooms brightened with potted plants or flowers had lower blood pressure, were less tired or anxious, needed less postoperative pain medication, and had a more positive frame of mind than patients in rooms with no flowers.

Another study from the Netherlands found that in restaurants, people with fresh flowers on their table appeared to be in a better mood. There’s also evidence that, in workplaces decorated with plants, people had a better cognitive performance and were more creative than in offices without plants.

Flowers at home

If flowers can do that in those spaces, imagine what they can do for you if you incorporate them into your home… And you don’t need to have a super fancy arrangement to benefit from their beauty and scent!

All you need is a stoneware pitcher to bring that earthy feel to your décor, and some fresh blooms of your choice.

In this case, the lushness of red carnations and simplicity of whit daisies come together for this lovely arrangement, accentuated by amazing red calla lilies, and framed with fresh pine sprigs.

So go ahead and get creative! Grab a jar, a glass or even a can and fill them with wonderful greenery. You’ll see how it brightens your home, and lifts your spirit.