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Home decor ideas for creating Latin vignettes

If you are looking for a DIY project that is both fun and artistic, then designing some vignettes for your home decor might be a perfect idea! By grouping several objects into little arrangements, you can form a small picture that not only creates a focal point in the room but also tells a brief and pleasant story. These are actually one of the favorite “tricks” for home decor experts, and now you can learn how to do them as a way to renew any space with a Latin twist.

The question of where?

Walls, shelves, mantels, desks, coffee or dining tables, kitchen countertops, nightstands and even an entrance hall are just a few of the areas where you can make a vignette.

A style tip: Remember, it´s easier to work on flat surfaces with a window or a light nearby. Also, if you want to maximize the effect, you can paint or lacquer the background first with a bold tone –like orange, slate or turquoise– or leave it in a neutral white. Tiles and patterned wallpaper tend to saturate vignettes, and the key is to keep it simple.

Odd numbers in home decor

Symmetry does not work while creating vignettes. The display of accessories needs to break the continuity of the eye, so try to avoid any kinds of pairs. Groups of three, five, seven or eleven –according to the dimensions of the room– will be stronger statements for your home decor.

Height is important as well

You can use stacked books, vases, lamps, a variety of piled boxes, mason jars and other things to elevate items. This allows you to play with movement too.

Pick an “anchor”.

No matter the theme you’ve selected, it requires a centerpiece. For example, a vintage framed mirror, printed artwork, exotic green plants or flowers, like orchids.

Some ideas when creating Latin vignettes:

  • Place on a center table a large handmade wooden bowl –the anchor– and combine it with a slim vase and some colorful calabash fruits.
  • Striped picture frames with stone sculptures and candles are an option for the living room.
  • For the kitchen, you can try a colorful tray plus a handmade calabash shell fruit or a set of hand-painted coasters.
  • Wooden boxes and stone-based lamps are interesting for studios.
  • Candles, perfume bottles, and silver or copper trays can reflect the bathroom’s light.

Colors and angles

There is nothing that says “Latin” more than lively tones, a trait that is excellent for contrast too. To position the accessories into a vignette in your home decor, layer them from back to front, leaving the most angular pieces in the corners. The best part? You can change and move everything around as much as you want until you get the desired effect.

Here are other tips I recommend for your home decor:

  • Before finishing, contemplate the design. Look at it from different angles and then edit the vignettes as necessary.
  • Textured materials are great to play with depth. Be eclectic and choose a variety of raw, polished and natural textures.
  • Make them seasonal! Spring is coming so take it as the perfect time to try something new. Display a collection of your Latin treasures and enjoy taking on your own home decor!