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Setting the mood for Valentine’s Day

Love is worth celebrating. Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, so besides choosing the perfect gift for your significant other, take it as an opportunity to plan a stylish date at home. Get inspired with these decor ideas and don’t forget the lighting, music and a few touches of red and white!

Table for two

A romantic dinner is traditional on Valentine’s Day. The first thing you have to do is rearrange the furniture of the room so that table and chairs are front and center. The menu is next; some really tasty options are cold-cuts trays, cheese plates or a Latin dish such as  ceviche, lentils with shrimp or a cheeky rompe colchón.

Although food is important, the atmosphere is more. Turn off the lights and replace them with candle holders or stoneware lanterns to create a warm and romantic vibe with the subtle glitter of the golden candlelight.

Breakfast is another thing to try, because this year February 14th is, actually, a Sunday. Make it different by using hand-painted trays, placemats, charger plates and wooden jars –especially for honey or syrup– instead of your usual tableware. The rich colors and original patterns of these pieces are just ideal to make a difference on Valentine’s Day.  


Chill-out moments

For movie fans or musical couples, there is hardly a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than to enjoy classics DVDs or listen to some old records at home.

This might be a simple date, but could surely be the coziest one! All you need is a soft coverlet or blanket –if it is made in organic cotton or cashmere, even better–, and place it delicately on the couch or the very trendy floor pillows. As soon as the film starts, unfold it and wrap it around you both. Laugh, cry or sing along in each other’s company.

Couple Relaxing At Home Drinking Wine

A natural scenario

Gardens, terraces and patios are beautiful and intimate settings where you can celebrate Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of outdoor areas and decorate them with artsy accessories that are also comfortable.

If you want to go for a tropical theme, hang an handwoven hammock and let time fly while contemplating the sunset, a starry night or just enjoying the chilly breeze of this time of the year.

Young couple enjoying tropical sunset in the hammock

Valentine’s Day Style Tip

Remember to add extra fluffy cushions or pillows in a variety of color-printed fabrics to contrast.

Details that make a difference:

  • To express love, write a card or a little poem. It’s old-fashioned but still full of sentiment.
  • Bossa nova or a selection of instrumental music can be the background soundtrack of the day.  
  • Put your heart and creativity into this little décor project and have a very happy Valentine’s Day!