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Floral table setting for spring

Nature is blooming all around us, so why not set a beautiful floral table? Spring days mark the return of warmth, light and color… A truly irresistible mix that inspires us to update our home decor without making huge expenses. You only need to focus on a theme and start on social rooms first, like the kitchen, living room or dining area. This year going “green” is on trend, and right now it’s all about flowers and petals!

Take your seat at the floral table

What better way to celebrate the new season than gather all family members to enjoy a succulent meal? Besides preparing all the tasty dishes on the menu, there is one focal point to embellish: the dining table.

After cleaning everything thoroughly, it’s time to plan a fresh and sophisticated table setting for your guests. For a casual get-together, combine eco-friendly handmade placemats with solid plates and glasses.


If it’s a special date, lay down a linen tablecloth and then pair some hand-loomed placemats with eco-friendly hand-painted charger plates. 

The exuberant yet delicate silhouettes of hibiscus or birds of paradise flowers or a banana leaf design can infuse a vibrant energy to your table. However, don’t forget to contrast with metallics –in this case, stainless steel tableware and shakers– or wooden serving utensils for an organic aesthetic.

A colorful experience

Colors are essential to awaken the senses, particularly if you are setting a table. They represent an easy way to connect with nature as the outdoor is brought into the house thanks to items that evoke –or show literally– vegetation or flora. On a daily basis, you can use a handmade bowl with real dried petals and flowers as a centerpiece, or if you’re really feeling the petal motif, then go ahead and decorate everything around this theme for a floral table setting.

There are some hues that help when you want to create a specific mood and which are used to stimulate mind and taste. For instance, yellow is perfect for kitchens because it’s associated with happiness; orange is the “social” color, a reminder of balance and reassurance; and red is ideal to boost the appetite. By mixing them with hints of green and white –both calming–, the room will have a real sense of well-being.

Go green!

  • To design really cool statement arrangements, take a set of bubble or cylindrical glass vases; then, tuck and twirl a large green leaf inside.
  • A simple DIY project for spring would be to plant a little kitchen garden with aromatic herbs.
  • Flowers and petals look chic on fruity cocktails. You can serve these at brunches or early dinners.

A natural inspired and eco-friendly home decor isn’t just trendy; it’s a style that benefits people and ensures a happier life, so start now!